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BS IEC 62873-3-1:2016
Screws (bolts), Approval testing, Performance, Short-circuit current tests, Type testing, Gases, Environment (working), Electrical protection equipment, Electrical testing, Impact testing, Electric conductors, Mechanical testing, Clearance distances, Definitions, Circuit-breakers, Earth-leakage circuit-breakers, Certification (approval), Electrical components, Short-circuit current tests, Domestic electrical installations, Classification systems, Temperature-rise limit, Electrical insulation, Switchgear, Environmental testing, Rated current, Copper, Breaking capacity, Leakage paths, Test equipment, Thermal testing, Endurance testing, Fire tests, Power factor, Electrical safety, Marking, Domestic safety, Electric terminals, Testing conditions, Dielectric-strength tests, Performance testing, Domestic electrical installations, Electrical equipment, Verification, Thermal testing, Breaking capacity, Electric terminals, Fire tests, Mechanical testing, Leakage paths, Gases, Approval testing, Clearance distances, Test equipment, Electrical protection equipment, Electrical safety, Electrical insulation, Definitions, Testing conditions, Power factor, Dielectric-strength tests, Circuit-breakers, Endurance testing, Type testing, Environmental testing, Marking, Verification, Electrical testing, Certification (approval), Electric conductors, Impact testing, Electrical components, Copper, Environment (working), Performance testing, Temperature-rise limit, Earth-leakage circuit-breakers, Screws (bolts), Performance, Rated current, Domestic safety, Switchgear, Classification systems, Electrical equipment
BS IEC 62873-3-3:2016
Electrical components, Impact testing, Domestic electrical installations, Domestic safety, Certification (approval), Earth-leakage circuit-breakers, Circuit-breakers, Dielectric-strength tests, Switchgear, Environmental testing, Approval testing, Rated current, Fire tests, Test equipment, Leakage paths, Performance testing, Aluminium, Environment (working), Electrical protection equipment, Electric conductors, Rated current, Testing conditions, Electric terminals, Temperature-rise limit, Testing conditions, Clearance distances, Electrical safety, Breaking capacity, Gases, Power factor, Short-circuit current tests, Electrical equipment, Performance, Type testing, Classification systems, Electrical insulation, Definitions, Endurance testing, Copper, Mechanical testing, Electrical testing, Verification, Marking, Thermal testing, Screws (bolts), Gases, Electrical testing, Performance testing, Definitions, Approval testing, Leakage paths, Performance, Classification systems, Environmental testing, Electric conductors, Test equipment, Electrical equipment, Temperature-rise limit, Domestic electrical installations, Verification, Earth-leakage circuit-breakers, Electrical insulation, Endurance testing, Screws (bolts), Aluminium, Short-circuit current tests, Electric terminals, Electrical components, Impact testing, Mechanical testing, Thermal testing, Power factor, Dielectric-strength tests, Electrical protection equipment, Breaking capacity, Fire tests, Copper, Circuit-breakers, Type testing, Electrical safety, Clearance distances, Switchgear, Environment (working), Marking, Certification (approval), Domestic safety
16/30301661 DC
Electrical properties of materials, Electrical safety, Name plates, Electrical testing, Switchgear, Switchgear, Electrical safety, Voltage measurement, Electric shocks, Electric control equipment, Low-voltage equipment, Circuits, Electric conductors, Dielectric-strength tests, Electric terminals, Environment (working), Approval testing, Electrical insulation, Installation, Classification systems, Electrical testing, Electrical equipment, Leakage paths, Electromagnetic compatibility, Electrical properties of materials, Instructions for use, Access, Dielectric properties, Electronic equipment and components, Clearances, Electrical connections, Temperature rise, Impulse-voltage tests, Electric shocks, Instructions for use, Impulse-voltage tests, Rated voltage, Inspection, Marking, Electrical equipment, Approval testing, Verification, Electrical insulation, Electric control equipment, Rated frequencies, Electrical connections, Classification systems, Electric conductors, Temperature rise, Temperature measurement, Environment (working), Type testing, Performance testing, Electronic equipment and components, Circuits, Electromagnetic compatibility, Low-voltage equipment, Voltage measurement, Dielectric properties, Leakage paths, Clearances, Dielectric-strength tests, Access, Electrical protection equipment, Electric terminals, Installation, Rated current, Testing conditions, Verification, Marking, Rated frequencies, Testing conditions, Rated voltage, Performance testing, Name plates, Inspection, Type testing, Temperature measurement, Rated current, Electrical protection equipment